Sniff Sniff

A woman sprawled across a chair by a window, her hair blows upward, her neck looks awkwardly out of whack, as does her torso. A cat sniffs at her feet. EAT, declares a sign on the wall, beneath a figure being accosted by white dove. Below, the Queen of spades reigns over the room.
A dresser is blocking the door, clothing is strewn from drawers, and chairs. A chimpanzee hangs from a branch, and Christ hangs from a cross. The television blares GOD on a white screen.
Pillows on the chaise announce home sweet home, and a friendly bird flutters around Bambi’s tail. A purse lays open with it’s contents scattered. Fireplace tools and pokers lay dispersed around the brick fire place.

Sniff sniff alludes to the cat sniffing her masters foot, to the genuine grief that some may experience at this loss of life, and to the voyeuristic gawking and irony with which some may shed sarcastic tears.